Media Kit
Here you will find an overview of our advertising packages for the print edition of the Butler Eagle and online.  You will also find a listing of all of our special sections coming up for the new year.

AdTracker Complete ad management on the web
AdTracker online is designed to simplify the flow of ever increasing electronic ads to and from advertisers. It provides the advertiser with a simple, convenient, and consistent interface for all electronic ads. Advertisers need only a Web Browser to send in new ads, proof existing ads, check on the status of ads in production, and place orders for new ads.
It can also be configured to provide a two way electronic proofing and correction system.  Not only does this eliminate the need for pickup and delivery proofs, it occurs automatically in real time as the production staff completes the proof. Electronic (PDF) proofs are created and emailed directly to the advertiser, who can then electronically approve the proof or supply correction information.  The production staff is immediately alerted to the reception of the customer approval or corrections required.  This one feature should have a significant impact on ad production costs and deadlines.